A Customized Theraputic Approach

Dr. Toth's breakthrough in prostatits treatment based on direct transrectal injections of antibiotics into the prostate has been featured in Jupiter magazine.

Macleod Laboratories Overview

We, at the MacLeod laboratory, examine and treat patients with chronic prostate infection. Patients visit us either for treatment of symptomatic chronic prostatitis or as husbands of infertile couples who exhibit documented bacteriospermia. The evaluation begins with a detailed history taking and objective evaluation of the patient’s symptom index.

We adopted the standard NIH prostatitis questionnaire. Following the completion of the questionnaire, semen and urine analysis with culture studies follow. Cultured organisms include Chlamydia trachomatis (from the urethral swab), Mycoplasma group, and a complete screening for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and yeast. Both urine and semen are examined for the parasite Trichomonas. Next a physical examination of the genitals follows and the prostate gland is evaluated first with digital rectal examination and then rectal sonography is performed. Pictures taken during sonographic examination are stored in the chart for documentation and for future reference.

An EPS sample is examined under the microscope for epithelial cells, bacteria and white blood cells. Similarly, urine sediment is examined to rule out a cystitis component. Two to three weeks are needed to complete the culture studies and antibiotic sensitivity.

Prostatitis Research

Dr. Toth's publications are aimed at finding new solutions for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

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Fertile Vs. Infertile


Direct Antibiotic Injections

January 2014

"Current research shows that oral antibiotic therapies fail to reach therapeutic concentrations within the damaged prostate, and thus often fail to eradicate pathogens. In response, our practice adopted treating chronic bacterial prostatitis with direct injections, allowing for penetration of concentrated antibiotics into scarred, calcified areas with sealed off bacteria."

Dr. Atilla Toth, M.D.

April 2015

"With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Toth recognizes and treats bacterial and pelvic infections that are a significant cause of infertility and can affect the overall health of an individual."

Antibiotic Therapy & Fertility

January 2014

"Recognizing the impact that infections within the male genital canal can have on a couple’s fertility, we recommend direct injections of an antibiotic cocktail into the prostate of all men with clinical and sonographic evidence of chronic prostatitis."

Excerpts From Dr. Toth's Book: Chapter 4

August 2017

Physiological Considerations in Reproduction

Excerpts From Dr. Toth's Book: Chapter 5

August 2017

Characteristics of Chlamydia Developmental Cycle

Injection Therapy: A retrospective analysis


"Our findings show that direct antibiotic injection for chronic prostatitis is a viable addition to standard therapies. Improvements in symptom scores are long lasting. Discomfort is minimal and side effects are rare and avoidable."

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